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Revenue Cycle Solutions: How to Settle Claims and Decrease Litigation

Posted by ClaimTECH on Apr 17, 2017 9:39:26 AM


Settling MVA claims often requires unnecessary litigation and involvement of plaintiff attorneys and revenue cycle management companies; ultimately creating a lengthy, expensive, litigious collections process. But why? With the exorbitant amount of cloud-based technology we have at our disposal, why isn’t there a platform for healthcare providers to skip the middlemen and settle claims directly with insurance carriers, saving time and money in the process? The following outlines how a revenue cycle solution can be aimed at doing just that.

Direct Communication Without Attorneys

Many healthcare professionals are not aware that the current legal framework of the insurance industry allows for MVA claims to be negotiated and settled directly between providers and carriers without the interference of third parties. This enables both parties to save money, time, and resources. Without attorney fees and the costs of litigation, carriers will spend less on smaller payouts even though providers will ultimately get higher reimbursements. This settlement process means that the claimant will experience lower insurance premiums, smaller medical bills, and a streamlined claims settlement process.

Instant Revenue Cycle Solutions from Anywhere

Imagine being able to negotiate claims instantly through a cloud-based claims resolution platform from anywhere as long as you have an internet connection - How much time, money, and resources could your organization save? Imagine how efficiently your team will be when operating with a paperless claims resolutions process that allows you to check a claim status in real-time and leverage automation to automate claim resolution tasks.

Seamless Implementation

Implementing a new technology into a complex healthcare or insurance IT system can seem daunting, but with a cloud-based solution, teams are able to easily implement and integrate into their current systems seamlessly and quickly. A cloud-based option reduces, and nearly eliminates, the implementation time allowing you to get settling MVA claims in an instant.

ClaimTECH Is the Cloud-based Claims Resolution Technology

Not all claims management systems are built on cloud-based technology and none enable the streamlined process of settling claims without third party legal intervention. Only ClaimTECH leverages legal precedent and the power of the cloud for the benefit of healthcare providers, insurance carriers, injured claimants, and society as a whole.

ClaimTECH is a technology platform that bridges the gap between auto insurance carriers and healthcare providers by streamlining the settlement process of third party liability MVA claims. Through this connectivity, ClaimTECH bypasses the traditional hurdles (revenue cycle management companies, plaintiff attorneys, etc.) yielding higher reimbursements directly to the medical providers in a significantly shorter time frame.

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