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Innovative Claims Management Platforms are Changing the Future of Insurance

Posted by ClaimTECH on Sep 28, 2017 5:29:09 PM

When it comes to managing claims, medical providers have always worked in the dark. A fundamental lack of transparency into the claims management process has limited what providers can see into the process. It’s meant that providers haven’t been able to identify claims for payment that they should be getting paid on. However, the status quo is changing fast with the rise of insurtech. New claims management platforms are changing the future of insurance and providing providers with insights they’ve never had in the past.

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Topics: Insurance Carriers, Healthcare Providers, Revenue Cycle Management

RCM Technology Collaboration for the Benefit of Healthcare Providers

Posted by ClaimTECH on Feb 9, 2017 11:22:46 AM

We have written a few articles about the broken claims settling system and occasionally we’ve put the blame on the “middlemen.” We’ve found that one solution to the MVA claims process is not to disregard the current industry, it’s to find ways to work Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) technology into the process!

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Topics: RCM Technology, Revenue Cycle Management, Third Party MVA Claims